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Main level folders; number codes in subfolder and article names are MMYY so you can tell at a glance how current they are:

Teachers – includes folders for Art, Fashion, Foods, Geography, Health, Lang Arts, LOYO (Living On Your Own), Marketing, Math, Psychology, Science, and Sociology. There are also some uncategorized articles on the field of education in general (filed by date), and a few other items, that can be accessed from the main folder link.

Cartoons for the above areas: Education (mostly general school-related cartoons, plus folders for Debate, Language Arts, Math, Middle School, Psych, Science, and Social Studies), Art, Fashion, Food, Social Issues, and Tech.

Government – Lots of subfolders (too many to list here) on specific topics, plus some uncategorized articles on other topics by date.

History – World and U.S. history articles.

Religion – Specific religions, sects, and issues.

Extemp and Extemp Backfiles – My speech team folders on current events, both domestic and international. Divided into subfolders by country (of use to Geography teachers) or topic. The backfiles contain the older articles that I move to keep the main folder from getting too large. I usually update the Extemp folder weekly, for speech team reasons.

LD-Values – Lincoln-Douglas debate, which involves propositions of value. You’ll find a number of current even areas that often involve value issues. A lot of Sociology material can be found here. Explore!

LGBT Issues and LGBT-Same Sex Marriage – I pre-date the delisting of homosexuality as a mental illness, which translates to finding out that one of my best friends in high school, who happened to be gay, was given electroshock aversion therapy to ‘cure’ him of his homosexuality. I’ve tracked the issue ever since, and have a lot of former students and team members who aren’t cis-gendered. If you happen to be the sponsor of your school’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) or equivalent organization, these articles might be useful.

Education – College – Of use to school counselors, students headed to college, and those who follow the issues in post-secondary education.

Teens – Want to animate your class discussion? These are articles that struck me as ones that involve issues that might trigger a lively class discussion.

PSci (Political Science) – My college major; articles for the diehard Social Studies teacher.

Other topic areas I track:

Abortion – I pre-date Roe v. Wade, so the topic has been of interest to me for a long time.

Affirmative Action – In spite of being a white male, I was hired as a minority once (telephone operator) under Affirmative Action guidelines.

Church-State – Separation, or lack thereof, between the two. Could have been included in the Government folder, but wasn’t.

Death Penalty


Gun Issues

Interp – Articles, often book reviews, for inspiration in finding cuttings for students doing Drama, Humor, or Duo Interp. Heavy on memoir reviews, since single-voice pieces are easier for new competitors.

Poetry – Articles, often book reviews, for inspiration in finding cuttings for students doing Poetry Interp. This one may be of use to Language Arts teachers.


Right To Die

Speech – Articles of use to coaching the speech team; may also be of use in a speech class.

Theater Reviews – For Drama/Humor/Duo Interp inspiration.