I’m a long-time (as in decades) high school debate coach who spent 15 years working in a high school library, and who trained as a Secondary Ed Social Studies teacher as well.

In the old days, before computers and the Internet, there used to be newspaper clipping services that would physically cut out articles on certain topics and save them. I keep an electronic variation of that.

As a debate coach, I regularly go through a lot of news sources, pulling current events information for students competing in Extemporaneous Speaking, and information on the debate topics we encounter. Having provided support to teachers throughout my former school on the subjects they teach, I’m still in the habit of saving articles for their areas, too – grab the article as a PDF file and dump it in the relevant folder.

The purpose of this blog is to make those files, now on Dropbox, easily available both to the teachers I used to work with, and to any other educators who might find them useful. What I do is just a first-pass screening, so there are a lot of articles, going back years in some cases. There are chronological gaps here and there, as life got in the way.

The articles will hopefully help you, as an educator, stay current on information that appears in the popular press that concerns your subject area. It may provide information to support your existing lesson plan, or spark an idea for one, or provide something for your students to read about the topic they’re studying.

The very first post of this blog contains the master Dropbox file links, to the upper-level folders. Blog posts are likely to include links to articles that don’t translate well to PDF format (often due to their graphics content), or to other links that might be of use.

My forensics (speech and debate) blog is DinosaurDebate. Feel free to visit it, too.

I can be reached at cxdebate@outlook.com.