Immigration – Government and Sociology

Living in an area with a significant ELL population of students made the issue of immigration relevant on a personal level, even before I had a spouse with a foreign passport and green card.

With our current administration populating government with people who are not only against illegal immigration, but against immigration in general, the information at iAmerica is important and timely. Of particular interest is their Know Your Rights section, with information relevant to any government class that discusses the issue, and possibly to students in that class.

For a look at life as an immigrant refugee (Syrian), check out the New York Times series Welcome to the New World, a graphic novel telling of a true story. The series started just after the Inauguration, and is ongoing. Another view, from NPR’s Here & Now series: Afghan Refugee Family Finds New Home in Maryland.

A key part of the immigration discussion is The Wall. It takes more than politics to respond to such a proposal – see Trump Proposed a Wall – They Imagined How It Would Work. There are links in the article to most of the short films and animations mentioned in it, as well as other related material. (Be sure to watch any videos before sharing them with students – my favorite one from the article might be teacher-appropriate, but it’s definitely not classroom appropriate.)


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