U. S. History & Government – the Presidency


Prior to the 2016 election, the Washington Post ran their Presidential podcast, covering each American president.

Since the election, they’ve had the Can He Do That podcast, exploring the limits of the office, and how those limits are being reshaped. Lots of controversies!

Similarly, The Atlantic has their Unpresidented series of videos.

If you go through pretty much any Social Studies standard, reading graphs and charts comes up somewhere. Americans size up Trump’s first 100 days, a graphic from the Washington Post, certainly meets that standard. It opens with a comparison of presidential approval/disapproval ratings for the first 100 days, going back to Eisenhower, before dissecting the current office-holder. (Polarization, anyone?)

Want to sound like the President – literally? There’s an app for that – for both Trump and Obama. What would your students like to hear the President say?

Some Presidents are easy to write about. Others, not so much… Telling Trump’s Story to Children – For Book Publishers, It’s Tricky



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